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Cat Calendar

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 26 2014.

Our 2015 Cat Calendar is OUT NOW!!!  It's a great way to help you keep track of all the hundreds of things you need to do next year, while helping our cats out at the same time!
They also make geat christmas presents! Also please share this information out to anyone you think might be interested. Order your copy now! 
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Major Mazda Update #5

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 22 2014.

Hello everyone, well it's been a mostly quiet fortnight for me and the other cats at the cattery. However the news is now well and truly kitten season and we have 5 tiny babies in the nursery who arrived in the night!

I have included some photos of them so make sure you click through to read up all about the antics at the trust this fortnight!

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August's Happy Ending

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 17 2014.

We always love hearing about how previously adopted cats are doing and of course it's wonderful seeing photos of them happy in their homes!  Here is one updated recently received regarding August.

We adopted August from you guys late July 2014, at first he hid and was scared but over time with all the love and treatment we have given him you could see his trust build in us...

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Penny is Missing!!

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 06 2014.

Our beloved cat has gone missing, she is a young black and white girl who answers to Penny and is approximately 8 months old. 

She was lost in the Longford Park Dr area of Takanini. 

Her micro chip #900108001581774

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Major Mazda Update #4

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 06 2014.

For those of you who don't know, it was World Animal Day this weekend (specifically the 4th Oct) and I thought I'd show you a few photos of what me and my fellow Cats In Need Trust cats got up to. 

In other news our little Brook has been adopted with Phantom! I'm super excited for them in their new home! Also I have decided to make Nippy our latest Cat of the Week, a friendly, ginger man who loves to get pats, so keep an eye out for him.

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Major Mazda Update #3

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Sep 21 2014.

To be honest I've found this fortnight rather tiring (I'm not exactly a young cat) and there have been moments where I've very much felt like retiring. I admit I have on occasion had to had a wee nap mid-patrol!

Hopefully this is just the rainy weather talking and once we start getting some sunny days I will feel less like spending the whole day in bed!

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Major Mazda Update #2

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Sep 15 2014.

Hello Everyone, Major Mazda here with my second update from the Cats In Need Trust. We have some good news to report, three of my fellow cats have recently found forever homes - Endora, Triad and Mona.

I'm very happy for them and it's good to have them out from under my paws, giving me more time to patrol without constant interruptions. 

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Volunteers Needed

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Sep 15 2014.

Hi guys, it's definitely getting warmer, which is fantastic as all the cats just love to go out and snooze on the warm concrete. However, even in the nicer seasons of the year we stil have lots and lots of work to do to keep the cattery all nice and clean for the cats.

We are looking for volunteers and we would appreciate any time that you can offer, even if it is just for a few hours once a month! It's a lot of work for us but the cats appreciate it (even if they don't always show it!). Give us a call to register your interest in volunteering on either +64-(09)-276-9960 or 027-426-4374 or email us

Click here to read more about what volunteering can entail. 

Major Mazda Update #1

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Aug 25 2014.


Hello everyone, I'm Major Mazda your new Cats In Need Trust spokes cat. Some might consider me old at 13 years - but I think my added years give me extra wisdom and a good dose of common sense - which sure came in handy this last fortnight.

My dear friend Commander Caltex appointed Twinkle and I as his lieutenants....

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Does your Cat want to be famous?

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Aug 12 2014.

We are currently working on our 2015 fundraising Cat Calendar and we are always looking to include 'Happy Ending' stories in the calendar and would love to hear from some of you who have adopted one of our perfect kitties in the last year. 

If your cat would like to be a star, please email us at with a paragraph or two about your furry friend and a nice high-resolution photo (or a couple) by the 15th September.

We look forward to hearing some or your stories!

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