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Major Mazda Update #14

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Feb 25 2015.

Hi Everyone, it's been an 'interesting' fortnight.... and I have spent the last few days on bed rest after a rather full on fight. I know what you are all thinking; that I finally taught some of those incorrigible kittens some manners, alas no, this was far more closer to home.  It was in fact my previous housemate and former good-friend Kitty who 'brought claws to the party' so to speak. He came out of nowhere, decided to fling himself at me and we went rolling around on the floor and had to be dragged apart. 
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Happy World Spay Day!

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Feb 24 2015.

Hey everyone! Today is World Spay Day, which is an important initiative which was created to bring worldwide understanding to the overpopulation issue which leads to animals being unwanted and a massive overpopulation problem. The solution is clear - desex your pet! 

Cats In Need Trust desex every cat before they can be adopted and if you'd like to support us by making a donation towards our cause you can go here to find out more!

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Be Our Valentine! xox

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Feb 14 2015.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! We hope that all of you have a nice relaxing day ahead and that the weather turns out to be beautiful for everyone across the country.  This Valentines Day if you were thinking of doing something a little different and considering a way to show some love for some cats in need there are a couple of awesome ways to do so!

We have a number of cats who need to get their teeth done and it is expensive work so we are fundraising with this in mind as part of our Operation Lucky appeal. The Operation Lucky fundraising deals with specialised cases that require vet care above and beyond the normal treatments and cats teeth fit right into this category!  Read more about how to donate to this cause here:

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POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Feb 13 2015.

Deepest sympathy goes out to one of our volunteers Michelle for her cat Dexter.  

Dexter went missing last week and after lots of searching and flyers, he managed to drag himself home. He had severe injuries resulting from a dog attack and was taken to straight to the vet. 


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Major Mazda Update #13

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Feb 11 2015.

MM Reporting for duty! What a fortnight it has been. You may have noticed the scratch on my nose - the result of an unruly kitten! I have infact been rushed off my paws with all the kittens out and about lately. I tell you what, in my day we respected our senior cats more! They have been scampering around, sticking their noses when they don't belong, disturbing my precious beauty sleep and basically causing no end of trouble! 

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Happy Waitangi Day!

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Feb 06 2015.


Major Mazda Update #12

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 30 2015.

Hey Everyone! Long time no hear! What with the long weekend and the lovely weather up here I didn't have time to put together my update sooner as I was too busy patrolling making sure everyone was on their best behaviour for Auckland Anniversary Day.  I can assure you all us cats spent quite a bit of time catching up on our beauty sleep with lots of cat naps in the sun!

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Major Mazda Update #11

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 15 2015.

It's time for your favourite spokes cat! Hasn't it been a wonderful fortnight!? I don't know about any of you, but I have spent A LOT of time snoozing in the sun! I did find some time to do my usually duties and have included some photos of me doing the rounds and getting cuddles. 

Some great news this week is that our gorgeous Number 5 (who stars as the covercat for this years Cats In Need Trust calendar) has been adopted with her beautiful sister Willa!

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Major Mazda Update #10

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 01 2015.

A big thank you to the wonderful, kind man who recently donated us new cat beds and scratching posts.  I speak for both myself and the other cats when I say we really appreciate having our old beds replaced - as with up to 100 of us cats here we had done a very good job of covering these in fur. 

I planned on showing some photos here, however the volunteers tell me that due to some sort of 'computer trouble' the photos taken for this update have been lost. Have no fear I intend to have some serious words with them about this and will make it up to all of you next update with extra photos! :)

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POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Dec 31 2014.

As the end of the year 2014 approaches, it has been one of the most difficult ones for us as a Trust. We have said goodbye to a lot of our old fur friends, some who have been with us from the time that they were kittens and never found their forever home. The saddest thing for us was the loss of little Blake.

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