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Major Mazda Update #11

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 15 2015.

It's time for your favourite spokes cat! Hasn't it been a wonderful fortnight!? I don't know about any of you, but I have spent A LOT of time snoozing in the sun! I did find some time to do my usually duties and have included some photos of me doing the rounds and getting cuddles. 

Some great news this week is that our gorgeous Number 5 (who stars as the covercat for this years Cats In Need Trust calendar) has been adopted with her beautiful sister Willa!

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Major Mazda Update #10

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jan 01 2015.

A big thank you to the wonderful, kind man who recently donated us new cat beds and scratching posts.  I speak for both myself and the other cats when I say we really appreciate having our old beds replaced - as with up to 100 of us cats here we had done a very good job of covering these in fur. 

I planned on showing some photos here, however the volunteers tell me that due to some sort of 'computer trouble' the photos taken for this update have been lost. Have no fear I intend to have some serious words with them about this and will make it up to all of you next update with extra photos! :)

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POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Dec 31 2014.

As the end of the year 2014 approaches, it has been one of the most difficult ones for us as a Trust. We have said goodbye to a lot of our old fur friends, some who have been with us from the time that they were kittens and never found their forever home. The saddest thing for us was the loss of little Blake.

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Merry Christmas!

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Dec 25 2014.

Thank you everyone for all your support over 2014. 

Whether you have adopted a new family member from us, volunteered your time to help us, fostered a kitten back to health, donated to Cats In Need Trust or come to visit our gorgeous cats we appreciate all of your time and support. 

From all the cats and the team we wish you happy holidays across the festive season! 
Merry Christmas everyone. xx


Major Mazda Update #9

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Dec 16 2014.

We have had one adoption since last time and that honour goes to the lovely Blossom! We are all very happy for her! I also had a word to management last time about the terrible pat-to-clean ratio and i'm happy to report that this has improved. I have included a photo of a me getting the cuddles I deserve!

The kittens are still growing and getting very vocal when they think they are not getting enough attention (I am training them well!). They have all been named now and I am very pleased to introduce you all to Octavia, Ophelia, Oberron, Octavius & Orlando

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Cat Calendar

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Dec 03 2014.

Our 2015 Cat Calendar is OUT NOW!!!  It's a great way to help you keep track of all the hundreds of things you need to do next year, while helping our cats out at the same time!
They also make geat christmas presents! Also please share this information out to anyone you think might be interested. Order your copy now! 
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Major Mazda Update #8

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Dec 03 2014.

I completed my monthly evaluations of the volunteers in the weekend and I'm happy to say most were performing well above standard. However one of the volunteers on Sunday has given me some concern. Their 'pat-to-clean' ratio was woefully off and I had to wait a FULL 10 minutes in between them cleaning cages to give me a pat. You can be assured I fully intend to take this up with management! 

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Major Mazda Update #7

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Nov 19 2014.

Major Mazda reporting for duty! After lots of bad weather recently this last Sunday actually provided some sun... and you can be sure none of us cats allow a good patch of sun to go to waste! I myself even took some time out from my duties to do a bit of basking!

Some people even came in to visit looking for a new friend and I think they took quite a shine to me! So, while nothing is official yet here's hoping I may have to pass my spokes cat torch on to another cat! 

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Major Mazda Update #6

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Nov 03 2014.

My again, your favourite spokes cat - Major Mazda! I will begin this report with a little reminder that this Wednesday is Guy Fawkes - which I personally find quite a scary time. So please make sure your cat and dog friends are safe and sound inside.

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Major Mazda Update #5

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Oct 22 2014.

Hello everyone, well it's been a mostly quiet fortnight for me and the other cats at the cattery. However the news is now well and truly kitten season and we have 5 tiny babies in the nursery who arrived in the night!

I have included some photos of them so make sure you click through to read up all about the antics at the trust this fortnight!

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