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Major Mazda Update #2

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Sep 15 2014.

Hello Everyone, Major Mazda here with my second update from the Trust. We have some good news to report, three of my fellow cats have recently found forever homes - Endora, Triad and Mona. I'm very happy for them and it's good to have them out from under my paws, giving me more time to patrol without constant interruptions. 

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Volunteers Needed

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Sep 15 2014.

Hi guys, it's definitely getting warmer, which is fantastic as all the cats just love to go out and snooze on the warm concrete. However, even in the nicer seasons of the year we stil have lots and lots of work to do to keep the trust all nice and clean for the cats.

We are looking for volunteers and we would appreciate any time that you can offer, even if it is just for a few hours once a month! It's a lot of work for us but the cats appreciate it (even if they don't always show it!). Give us a call to register your interest in volunteering on either +64-(09)-276-9960 or 027-426-4374 or email us

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Major Mazda

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Aug 25 2014.


Hello everyone, I'm Major Mazda your new Cats In Need Trust spokes cat. Some might consider me old at 13 years - but I think my added years give me extra wisdom and a good dose of common sense - which sure came in handy this last fortnight.

My dear friend Commander Caltex appointed Twinkle and I as his lieutenants....

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Mufasa Needs a New Home!

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Aug 20 2014.

Due to a change in living circumstances Mufasa a gorgeous 5-year old male ginger DLH cat is looking for a new home. 

He's a friendly and sociable cat with a high level of curiosity! He loves to play and will come up and headbutt and clean you when he knows and trusts you. He is an adorable companion and gives you 110% affection.

The only ongoing medical issue he has is that he suffers from bladder crystals, but this is easily managed by him exclusively eating the Hills C/D diet food.

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Does your Cat want to be famous?

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Aug 12 2014.

We are currently working on our 2015 fundraising Cat Calendar and we are always looking to include 'Happy Ending' stories in the calendar and would love to hear from some of you who have adopted one of our perfect kitties in the last year. 

If your cat would like to be a star, please email us at with a paragraph or two about your furry friend and a nice high-resolution photo (or a couple) by the 15th September.

We look forward to hearing some or your stories!

Say Hello to our new website!

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jun 27 2014.

Well it's been in the pipeline for a while now - and our new site has finally arrived! Our devoted volunteers have been tirelessly working - developing, designing, adding in all the important information and cat profiles and then making hundreds of last minute tweaks to get it ready. And we must say we are absolutely thrilled!

We've streamlined and upgraded the whole site to get it a much cleaner look, with easier navigation. The adoption section has been improved to have cat status' and even a search box to make it easier to find the perfect cat for you! Doesn't it look grand!

We have tried to get the site as ready as possible for the big reveal, however there are some sections which still have more content to come so bare with us as we continue to make these updates. 

Please have a look around and feel free to let us know what you think either by email or on our facebook page. 


Double Dose of Good News for Bluebell!

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jun 20 2014.

We are delighted to be able to announce that Bluebell (our current Operation Lucky cat) has been adopted and at her latest vet check the vet confirmed that while her leg is misaligned, it has healed and will probably be very functional - which means Bluebell won't need to lose her leg after all! We are very happy for her.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the people who have kindly donated to our Operation Lucky fund over the last year, since Bluebell no longer needs surgery, we are glad to be able to put these fund towards several of the cats in our care who have been needing to have teeth removed - an expensive operation. 

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No more room at the inn

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Jun 11 2014.

We are current unable to take in any more cats.

The Trust is full to capacity and unfortunately this means we are not able to take in any more cats or kittens until we rehome some of our existing residents. Being a no-kill shelter, we have only one way to make more room and that is adoption, adoption, adoption.

If you're thinking about getting a new family member, why not have a look at our gorgeous cats! You will be helping two cats - both the one you adopt and the cat in need which is able to take it's space!


Ardie (Aardvark) is missing

POSTED BY Juita Tambunan ON Jun 03 2014.

Ardie (Aardvark) is a cat who was adopted from the trust some time ago and his parents have asked us to put his details online hoping that maybe someone may have seen him. This is what they say:

"Ardie (Aardvark) went missing from our new home at 44 Pinnacle Hill Road, Pokeno on Monday 26th May.  We thought he may have gone walkabout  and was trying to return to our old address in Ponga Road, Drury.

He's a DSH grey and white neutered male approximately 2 & 1/2 years old and of small build. Cats in Need have microchipped him and he was wearing a black collar with a red name tag and phone number."

Contact Jane or Chris if you have seen any sightings on 09 233 6880 or 021 102 1483.

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SPCA Inspection

POSTED BY Sandi Wilson ON Feb 25 2014.

We had a visit recently by Chief Inspector Mr. Nick Thomason of the SPCA and we were delighted that he found there were no major issues. This has been a great relief to us! Cleaning the grounds and cages is a daily task and we endeavour to get the cleaning done in the morning before we have people in for viewing. 
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